Our History

Since 2010 Kelly Valencia (Director of project management and execution) and Jhonatan Quiñones (Managing Director) have worked tirelessly for the flora and fauna of the Orinoquía and other regions; his work and the desire to take constant action in the environmental processes of the region, led to the creation of the Neotropical Cuencas foundation, legally constituted on   February 22, 2016.


Thus, and in association with the professionals Paola Valencia (Head of communications and fundraising) Gina Gómez (fiscal reviewer) and Jaime Quiñones (Advocate lawyer) we decided as an organization to believe in the region and focus our professions on the development of a foundation dedicated to executing environmental projects with social impact.


This has always been one of the hallmarks of our organization, which is why the “Ponle una gota al ambiente” project Focused on the collection of used vegetable oil (AVU) to manufacture Biodiesel was the first bet executed in Arauca, and ANDI linked to Neotropical Basins to its “Pilas con el Ambiente” campaign, being also very welcome by establishments and homes.


 Since our creation we have provided assistance in emergencies that occur mainly with wildlife: Dolphins, felines, slime among others; since we are also in favor of the fact that small actions generate big changes.


In 2017, fortunately we already enjoyed a good national and local recognition, thanks to the enthusiasm put into each thing undertaken, so we began to participate in more initiatives, projects and activities such as the 26th day of the expedition in search of the River Dolphin “ a river, four countries ”organized by the Omacha Foundation and carried out in Putumayo; in May we are part of the great world bunting, contributing 80 species and 457 individuals; we talk about environmental awareness and species of the region in social events, led by the municipal navy.



We have collaborated in events and talks with the national university and the Cooperative University, in November 2017 we participated in the first scientific expedition made in Arauca. “In search of the River Defin” becoming a regional reference for the topic and in February 2018 we visited Puerto Carreño in a meeting with organizations such as the Omacha Foundation, WWF, Corporinoquía, AUNAP and the environmental police to make the marking of 4 river dolphins and follow up and monitor, which will enrich our research experience.



Undoubtedly, we have won great victories, thanks to perseverance, the acceptance of the people and our commitment to make the Orinoquía and Arauca mainly eco-sustainable territories; Since January 2018 we opened our office in Arauca capital, where we continue to strengthen projects in: Conservation and research of felines, nurseries of children who care for the environment, climate change and methods to deal with it, communicate the environment from a social dynamic and plan of citizen environmental compensation.



We work with a multidisciplinary team willing to deliver their work to the service of the environment and the community. That makes us great!